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Technical Services

VALEMO's services include both technical assistance and expertise

Today a mature company and recognized expert, VALEMO offers a complete know-how in RE services.

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Rates are provided on quotation. VALEMO adapts to its customers and their projects and is committed to offer you an appropriate and fair price. We promise to respond within 2 days to any request.

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Technical audit

The technical audit involves analysing the key points of a project and then synthesizing and classifying all non-conformities.

  • Preliminary audit


Wind energy potential – Acoustic constraints –  Regulatory approvals – Leases – Health, safety and environment – Wind technology – Maintenance and operation contracts – CAPEX and OPEX – Financial model.


  • Inspection


Each inspection covers the following VALEMO expertise: visual audit – blade audit – thermography – lubricants sampling and analysis – vibration analysis – wind direction measurement survey (Wind LIDAR) – qualimetry.


  • Performance Analysis


The analysis is performed using 10-min data. The main indicators are analysed and summarized in graphs: availability, power curve, main stops.


  • Delivery station remote management


Remote supervision of facility delivery stations.
Instant monitoring of major events such as:
– Opening of the delivery station door;
– Opening of the main circuit breaker;
This live information ensures the safety of people and property and optimize the operation of facilities by taking the right decisions such as:
– shutdown of facilities;
– Closure of the main switch.
It is possible to set up an interface with DEIE (Operations Information Exchange Device) and SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) environments. So all the signals (coupling authorization decoupling request, setting the active and reactive power, …) are treated – ensuring facility compliance with the French Ministerial Order of 23 April 2008.


  • S2EV: asset management software


S2EV is software for asset managers, operators and investors in the wind energy sector. S2EV gives an overview of the financial and operational performance for a portfolio of wind energy projects in operation via data analysis and wind-turbine status codes.

So, S2EV offers the opportunity to analyse the various stops, monitor contractual guarantees such as availability and power curves of facilities and study the actual production compared to long-term forecasts.


HT (High Tension) operations

  • Maintenance Level 1 and 2 (EXCELEC framework)


VALEMO provides basic maintenance of equipment and stations (visual and mechanical checks, tests of safety equipment, mechanism testing, cleaning …).


  • Maintenance Level 3 and 4 (EXCELEC framework)


Complete equipment maintenance is performed in partnership with the manufacturer (lubrication, change of wear parts, bump tests …).
These maintenance operations are performed on all equipment in the stations (cells, ASF, transformers …).


  • Standby service


VALEMO offers a generator operational service 7/7 24/24 from the control centre and works on site with its technical support to handle the HT cells based on events (lock-out, fault on the distribution network, …). The provision complies with the rules defined by the standard NF-C18-510.



Regulatory verifications

VALEMO performs, in partnership with BUREAU VERITAS and CHRONOFEU, regulatory checks on lifting accessories (hoist, winch), anchor points (ladder and lifeline), electrical equipment (LT and HT) and fire extinguisher.


Corrective maintenance and improvement of existing facilities


Corrective maintenance operations.

Improvement of existing operations.


Project management, R & D, Training

Provision of professional skills
Management of television airwave interference (identification of disturbed sites, gathering claims, determining the solution to implement, coordinating resolution procedures, communication with residents and local authorities);
Organization and optimization of acoustic surveys; Analysis and implementation of HSE tools (Prevention plan, emergency manual, safety register, relationship with the emergency services, regulatory watch);
Project Owner Assistance (technical recommendations: machines, Civil Engineering, development, automation and telecommunications works);
Environmental monitoring of operating wind farms;
Wind-energy O&M training;
Visiting renewable energy parks