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VALEMO develops a specific tool for remote monitoring of offshore assets

27 May 2021

Entirely developed by VALEMO’s engineering teams, with the support of the IT teams, this tailor-made web service optimises the remote monitoring of autonomous units deployed at sea and improves the supervision of the availability of measurement data and controls related to the safety of the installations. This innovative IT tool is specifically adapted to the […]

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Structural monitoring / Sainte-Rose wind farm

21 May 2021

The Sainte-Rose wind farm in Guadeloupe is subject to seismic risk and also to cyclonic episodes mainly from June to October. As part of the operation of the wind farm, VALEMO has set up a reinforced monitoring of the structural state of the wind turbine foundations thanks to a system of continuous measurement of the […]

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R&D: continuation of the ePARADISE project to improve the durability and noise impact of wind turbines

20 May 2021

Within the framework of the ePARADISE project, supported by ADEME and the Pays de la Loire region, VALEMO is working in partnership with the LHEEA (Laboratory in Hydrodynamics, Energetics and Atmospheric Environment, attached to the Ecole Centrale de Nantes), the CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment) and Mer Agitée (Michel Desjoyeaux’s offshore racing team). […]

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R&D: partnership with FIELDBOX.AI for the DISPO project (Data Intelligence Services for Production Optimisation)

18 May 2021

VALEMO and FIELDBOX.AI are starting a collaboration as part of the DISPO (Data Intelligence Services for Production Optimisation) R&D project, supported by the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region.By combining business expertise in the renewable energy sector with scientific excellence in the field of artificial intelligence, VALEMO and FIELDBOX.AI will develop an artificial intelligence and predictive maintenance solution […]

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Newsletter VALEMO #17

28 January 2021

The new VALEMO newsletter has been published! Check out the latest news and new job vacancies (asset managers and technical support staff). This is also an opportunity to present in detail the services offered by our Technical Engineering Department (blade audits, nacelle alignment campaigns, etc.) to support you throughout the life of your assets. Read […]

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Technical engineering: at the service of audit and supervision missions for multi-energy assets

25 January 2021

Technical engineering at the service of technical audit and monitoring services on wind, photovoltaic and hydroelectric power plants First technical audit and supervision references in 2010 In autumn 2010, we left with great enthusiasm for north-west Germany, in Salzbergen, to carry out a technical audit at the General Electric manufacturing plant to check the improvements […]

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HV Maintenance:digitalisation of tools and process automation

22 January 2021

In 2020, VALEMO managed the maintenance and high-voltage on-call management of around one hundred delivery substations, and as many transformer substations for numerous customers. As part of the continuous improvement that we are striving to develop, we have digitised our maintenance processes and work with the ERMEO tool. This tool has the advantage of optimising […]

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AKROCEAN continues its adventure off the French coast

19 January 2021

AKROCEAN continues its adventure off the French coast with new buoys installed this summer in the south of Brittany and at the end of the year in Normandy! Objective: measurement campaigns launched on behalf of MétéoFrance and SHOM and on which VALEMO is involved from commissioning, installation and maintenance while ensuring remote monitoring of data […]

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Predictive maintenance of a wind farm / Overheating detection

18 January 2021

The current maintenance strategy for wind farms is mainly periodic, based on a calendar of operations. However, between two operations, it is not possible to foresee the appearance of a major malfunction in the near future: these defects are therefore generally dealt with at the most critical moment, which generates heavy logistics costs and a […]

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VALEMO confirms its involvement alongside GE Renewable Energy in the development of Haliade 150

15 January 2021

VALEMO, in partnership with UL, is contributing its expertise to GE Renewable Energy to support the construction of the wind turbines for the Saint-Nazaire wind farm, which will be the first offshore wind farm in France. GE Renewable Energy has entrusted our teams with carrying out quality inspections on the 80 Haliade 150 6MW wind […]

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