Online vibration analysis

News - 25 October 2022

Since 2020, Valemo has its own CMS analysis service to offer a remote monitoring service of the vibration behavior of wind turbines. Our experts work in close collaboration with VALEMO’s control and operation departments to ensure optimal follow-up of diagnostics and corrective actions.


The measurement of vibrations is carried out by positioning about ten accelerometers on the main components of the kinematic chain (rotor, gearbox, generator):

Example of instrumentation configuration :

Installation of sensors

Each turbine is equipped with an acquisition system that collects and transmits the measured data in real time to our dedicated server:

Remote connection to CMS systems

Valemo is equipped with the most powerful software for signal analysis and detection of vibration alarms.

Types of mechanical defects

From detection to corrective action

Example: HSS bearing defect on multiplier

The Valemo service offer

  • On-line vibration analysis and monitoring of most turbine models on the market. We adapt to the CMS equipment installed on site, by proposing according to the cases:
    • A monitoring in parallel with that performed by the maintainer to independently assess the health of the parks in operation. In this case, a gateway is set up to VALEMO servers and analysis tools.
    • Installation of dedicated CMS systems by VALEMO for the oldest parks that are not equipped.
  • Sending of anomaly reports including a diagnosis and recommendations for corrective actions or additional analyses (oils, endoscopy…)
  • Requests for field feedback to the maintenance manager, follow-up and follow-up of corrective or preventive actions.

Our know-how is based on 10 years of experience in the O&M activities of wind farms.

Benefits of independent CMS monitoring

  • Objective analysis of SMD data for the owner and/or operator to assess the risk of failure and optimize production before programming a corrective action.
  • All the information related to the operation (turbine stoppages, maintenance operations, production) are taken into account by our experts to diagnose failures and propose preventive or curative actions.
  • The data supervised by VALEMO’s data engineering department and the vibration indicators can be analyzed jointly to determine the cause of recurrent failures on a fleet of turbines in operation. Example: analysis of bearing temperatures.
  • Finally, the vibration data are repatriated and hosted in the VALEMO data lake. The customer has the guarantee that the data history remains accessible for further analysis if needed.