Offshore Commissioning on the Banc de Guérande Wind Farm: a great success for our teams!

News - 14 October 2022

VALEMO provided the first French offshore commissioning team that successfully commissioned the 80 GE Haliade 150 wind turbines on the Banc de Guérande wind farm off Saint Nazaire.

The 2 teams composed of 3 VALEMO technicians took turns during 6 months on the park to guarantee the 12 rotations which were necessary for the commissioning of all the wind turbines. Each rotation lasted 14 days during which our technicians were housed on the SOV (Service Offshore Vessel) Acta Auriga provided by EDF to stay close to the wind turbines 24 hours a day. The link between the SOV and the turbines was ensured by the CTV (Crew Transfer Vessel) on site.

With the other teams provided by our customer ENDIPREV, the technicians had a leadtime of 48 hours to complete all the commissioning operations, day and night on 12-hour shifts.

Congratulations to Fabio, Jérôme D., Adrien, Laurent, Benoit, Lénaïc and Ahmed for their involvement in this great project!