VALEMO passes the 70MWp mark of ground-based solar power plants under operation and maintenance contract

News - 4 June 2020

Already in charge of the operation and maintenance of three ground-based solar power plants located in the Médoc (33) since 2017, totalling 35MWp, VALEMO’s ramp-up in the field of operation and maintenance of ground-based PV power plants has continued over the past year, with the commissioning of five new installations between mid 2019 and mid 2020 and the signature by VALEMO of the associated operation, control and maintenance contracts:

  • 17MWp Lassicourt power plant (CRE 4.2) located in Aube (10)
  • 4MWp Camiac power plant (CRE 4.2) located in Gironde (33)
  • Billom 5MWp generating station (CRE 4.2) located in the Puy-de-Dôme (63)
  • 4MWp Alzonne power plant (CRE 4.2) located in the Aude (11)
  • 2.5MWp Noé power plant (CRE 4.2) located in Haute-Garonne (31)
  • Mézières lez Cléry power plant of 5MWp (CRE 4.3) located in the Loiret (45)

Within the framework of the commissioning of these power plants, VALEMO has been entrusted with the performance of acceptance audits on behalf of the MOA, as well as the supply and commissioning of the remote management solution developed by VALEMO, allowing optimal supervision and remote control of certain key components of the installations.

The technicians of the various VALEMO bases involved in these power plants (Reims, Carcassonne, Bègles) have been trained by the equipment suppliers (depending on the case, string or central inverters, fixed structures or trackers, etc.) and today benefit from permanent feedback from our Bègles agency, which ensures a homogenisation of good practices between the agencies.

In this context of growth and consolidation of this strategic activity for VALEMO, we are delighted with the arrival of a third operations manager dedicated to photovoltaic technology within our Operations Department based in Bègles, where our Control Centre dedicated to 24/7/365 supervision of all the PV power plants operated by VALEMO is also located.

Finally, VALEMO’s portfolio of power plants under operation and maintenance contracts should rapidly exceed 100MWp with the forthcoming arrival of the Landes power plants of Pontenx (CRE 4.4 – 5MWp, planned for mid 2020) and Mezos and Pinvert (CRE 4.3 – 2 x 17MWp, planned for 2021), and we hope for more contracts!