VALEMO offers a structured, local and long-term Marine Coordination solution to its clients

News - 7 October 2019

VALEMO is continuing to develop its offshore wind energy activities with a Marine Coordination solution. This will cover both installation and operation of French offshore wind farms. It is designed to ensure the safety of all offshore activities on the sites.

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With more than 10 years of experience in remote supervision of wind farms and over 5 years in offshore operation for wind power, VALEMO is building a complete solution for Marine Coordination services. This includes in particular:

– Registration and monitoring of all personnel working on an offshore site

– Monitoring of entries and exits on the offshore site

– Management of work permits on the offshore site

– Real-time maritime surveillance and coordination of ships and operation on and around the offshore site

– Emergency management

This solution is also based on a strategic partnership with SeaRoc, supplier of the dedicated software system “SeaPlanner”, which is used to supervise more than 40 offshore wind farms worldwide.




VALEMO is committed to developing an approach that is adapted to the local context and respectful of other sea users. With this in mind, VALEMO coordinated with maritime authorities, port authorities, CROSS and fisheries committees etc., to present the various interfaces of the Maritime Coordinator and ensure their understanding.




Finally, in order to ensure a complete understanding of methods and procedures, VALEMO will set up a dedicated in-house training center in early 2020, all of this before starting work on the first offshore wind farms in France.