Safety drill in the wind turbine for VALEMO’s workers

News - 7 October 2019

photo journees securité

This summer, 2 safety days have been organized by VALEMO.

The meeting  of 45 VALEMO’s workers from our operation and maintenance agencies, managed by GWO safety trainers, was provided to carry out a safety drill in the wind turbine scale as well as various first aid exercices.

Emergency rescue exercices from the nacelle have been completed by 30 employees. Every employee practiced the « Milan » rescue system, going down in pairs, to simulate real life condition in case of fire.

Furthermore, these two days encouraged information-sharing concerning security best practices between co-workers from our agencies. It was also a great opportunity for experience-sharing related to field projects and different turbines technologies.

During these annual safety days, VALEMO performs its workforce emergency reaction in case of fire or accident in a wind turbine,  thereby developing a stronger VALEMO’s safety culture.