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VALEMO upgrades its informatic system

3 December 2018

In 2019, VALEMO will face some important challenges, including operating the first windfarm in Guadeloupe (French island) with multi-megawatt wind turbines, and putting into service about twenty solar and wind farms with different direct sellers. In order to pass those important steps, VALEMO has decided to industrialize its informatics system. To replace its historical physical […]

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bouchon d'oreille

VALEMO provides personal protective equipments suitable for the risks involved

3 December 2018

Inverters in solar energy plant’s substations produce powerful high frequency sounds. Ear protection helmet protected VALEMO technicians against this noise but made complicated communications between technicians and VALEMO remote control in the substation. In February 2018, a 94dB(A) noise with 4000 Hz frequency has been measured by a safety controller from CARSAT (work safety french […]

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FOCUS: Energy loss due to yaw error

30 November 2018

VALEMO regularly brings to light its last case studies. You can find below a full record of the topic “Evaluation of energy loss due to yaw error”. Sources : Case study: evaluation of energy loss due to yaw error This case study was presented during the 2018 Colloque National Eolien in Paris :

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mat de fecamp

Offshore metmast at Fécamp : contract renewed!

16 November 2018

Remote control and maintenance contract of VALEMO with EOHF on the offshore metmast at Fécamp offshore site has been renewed for the 4th consecutive year! VALEMO is thrilled to pursue its collaboration with an extended scope with additional responsibilities in marine operations, including analysis of weather forecasts, coordination of offshore interventions, subsea ROV inspections of […]

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SEENEOH: DesignPro’s arrival

15 November 2018

After the French company Hydroquest’s arrival on SEENEOH test site in January, it’s now the turn of the Irish DesignPro, to come and settle in Bordeaux! Since September 25, the prototype of DesignPro Renewables is installed on the test site downstream Pont de Pierre. These two turbines with a cumulative capacity of 25 kW fixed […]

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VALEMO at the Offshore Wind Energy of London

15 May 2017

Our team will be present at the Offshore Wind Energy of london from 6 to 8 june 2017. We hope to meet you there.

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EPSILINE deploys its next generation Wind LIDAR

4 April 2016

EPSILINE is proud to announce the first deployment of its “Next Generation” Wind Lidar, the YawAdvisor, on a commercially operated wind turbine. EPSILINE, in collaboration with VALEMO, a major wind farm operator&maintenance company, have equipped a wind turbine in the western coastal region of France. The YawAdvisor is a wind lidar dedicated to static yaw […]

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