R&D: eParadise project to extend the lifetime of the wind turbines and to reduce the sound impact for the neighbouring

News - 4 October 2019

VALEMO is part of the eParadise project (evaluation of the aerodynamic disturbance on the blade for the improvement of durability and sound impact of the wind turbines), that is granted by ADEME (French Environnement & Energy Management Agency) and the Pays de la Loire region.



This project is based on the technology of the ePenons sensors developed by Mer Agitée, the offshore racing stable founded by the skipper Michel Desjoyeaux. To complete this partnership, the laboratories LHEEA at Centrale Nantes (Laboratory in Hydrodynamics, Energetics and Atmospheric Environment) and CSTB (Scientific and Technical Center for Building) will implement their expertise.

Thanks to the installation of the ePenons sensors on a wind turbine, the air flow on the blade could be watched and analysed. Indeed, if the pitch angle of the blade is bad adjusted or if the turbine is misaligned towards the wind, the sensors will be able to detect it. Moreover, the sensors will allow to characterize the main origins of the sound made by the blades. The aims of the projects are to extend the lifetime of the wind turbines and to reduce the sound impact for the neighbouring.

ePenon 2

Inside the project, VALEMO will allow the implementation of measurement campaigns aiming to characterize some operating points of the turbine (such as misalignment, pitch angle) and will analyse the data from the turbines (performance and acoustics). On the other hand, our knowledge in operation of wind farms is expected to diffuse the ePenon technology, to maximize the productivity of the turbines and to limit the mechanical efforts on the structure and on the drivetrain.