EPSILINE deploys its next generation Wind LIDAR

News - 4 April 2016

EPSILINE is proud to announce the first deployment of its “Next Generation” Wind Lidar, the YawAdvisor, on a commercially operated wind turbine.

EPSILINE, in collaboration with VALEMO, a major wind farm operator&maintenance company, have equipped a wind turbine in the western coastal region of France.

The YawAdvisor is a wind lidar dedicated to static yaw error detection on wind turbines, in order to improve performance of extracting the optimal amount of energy from the prevailing winds and reduce damaging stress loads.The gathering of data over the coming weeks will lead to an overall analysis of the capacity of the YawAdvisor to determine the difference between the direction of the oncoming wind and the orientation of the wind turbine.EPSILINE team wishes to express their gratitude to all those that have contributed and supported this achievement.



EPSILINE is a start-up company which develops wind measurement solutions based on laser systems (LIDAR) and serves the wind energy industry. The company is located in Toulouse, France. For more information, visit www.epsiline.com

Contact: EPSILINE Murray Dawson, European Sales Manager, mdawson@epsiline.com



VALEMO is one major player on the French market for O&M services on renewable energy. Therefore VALEMO is operating about 400 MW, performing maintenance services on 120 MW and providing technical services on additional 300 MW, mainly on wind and solar. The company is located in Bordeaux and providing local services from 6 different locations nearby the renewable energy plants.

VALEMO is a wholly owned subsidiary of VALOREM.

For more information, visit www.valemo.fr.